Champagne Glamper

Champagne Glamper

Stable on the grass , keeps you glass balanced

Thank you

Grateful , Friendly , Human engagement 

Carry Trays To Keep

Easy to carry from cafe to office

Folds Flat

Easy to carry - keep in your car - perfect for beach , river or outdoor events

Designed and Made in W.A

The perfect solution , folds flat and holds four wine or champagne glasses

Room for food

Wine glass slots are close together so there is more room for your delicious gourmet spread.

Keep your drinks cool

These little tables also come with an attached bucket for a little ice to keep your bottle cool.

Featured product

Giddyup 4 Cup Carry Tray

The perfect solution - light weight wooden re usable, keepable carry trays. Just add your own keep cups and save 

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Giddyup Carry tray

Watch our cute and handy carry trays in action